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There are words classified according to their functions in sentences, for purposes of traditional grammatical analysis. Thoughts, utterances, both simple and complex, require words of various of kinds. Therefore, to be an effective communicator, one of your first concerns must be that of acquiring knowledge of properties and functions of different kind of words.The eight part of speech are usually the following:noun, adjectives,prepositions,conunctions,pronouns,verbs and interjections. Were going to learn about nouns in these articles. A noun is a naming word used to identify or denote a person, thing, place,idea, quality or action. In short, it refers to anything that can be named or it tells you what is being talked about.


Person:Viola, engineer, daughter

Thing: dog, cat, pencil, computer

Place: Manila, garden, kitchen, river

Idea:democracy, communism, freedom

Quality:beauty, kindness, honesty, love

Action: writing, speaking,reading

Nouns can be:

1. Proper Noun- name specific people/ persons, continents, countries, provinces, states, counties, parishes,geographic regions, days of the week, months of the year, holidays, and festivals but not seasons. They always begin with a capital letter.

Examples:Carlos, Asia, Japan, Ilocos Norte, Texas, British County, Roman Catholic, Southeast Asia, Sunday, January, Christmas, Panagbenga Festival

2. Common Noun-generally name a person, place, or thing. They do not begin with a capital letter.

Examples: book, boy, linguist, writer, waiter, summer, wood, chair

3.Concrete Noun- are nouns that can be touched or felt (something perceptible).

Examples:Charlie, curtain, bird, television, house, clothes, books, stars

4.Abstract Noun-are the names of qualities or general ideas objectively perceived, or which have no physical existence. They do not have plural forms.

Examples:care, faith, kindness, love, honor, truth, patience

5.Compound Noun-are the names formed by joining together two or more names.

Examples:officer-in-charge-daughter-in-law, book-keeper,classroom

6.Collective Noun-convey the idea of a group or denote things which are considered as unit or as one. They need a singular verb when they are considered as one, but take on a plural verb when viewed as individuals.

Examples:audience, team, army, jury, club

7. Mass Noun-name non-countable things are not inflected, although singular or plural markers precede them. They are special nouns that are always singular in form.

Examples:sugar, music, coffee,soap, sunshine,cement,blood,luck,dirt,milk,salt,smoke,thunder,lightning,laughter,dust

8.Count Noun-name countable things and may have both singular and plural forms. They can be inflected regularly or irregularly.

Examples:class-classes, speech-speeches, child-children, church-churches, tooth-teeth, foot-feet

9.Special Singular Noun-remain singular in meaning and have plural terminations


10.Special Plural Noun-nouns do not have singular forms and are permanently used as plural.


11. Uninflected Noun-retain the same spelling for both singular and plural forms.

Note: Those with asterisks have special plural form to imply assortments of the kind.

Examples:series, means, odds, trasnportation, baggage, fruit*,fish*, cattle, deer

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