Guaranteed Method for Giving Excellent Presentations
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Guaranteed Method for Giving Excellent Presentations

Many people are scared stiff when they have to give a presentation. How can I ever speak likea successful presenter? You may wonder. Yes, you can, if you follow this easy method.

Having to give a presentation scares the daylight out of many people. Others love speaking in front of people. Some people love speaking even if the audience doesn’t always appreciate it. There are also speakers so good at presentations that people love to go and listen to them.

Can you learn to give excellent presentations?

Yes, you can. Through some simple steps you can learn to give great presentations. Let’s look at these vital steps.

Step 1

Believe in Yourself

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Your audience wants you to succeed, don’t they? Otherwise why would they spend time and come to listen to you? Nervous presenters usually have self-deprecating thoughts like “Oh, I’m pathetic”, “I always make bad presentations”, “I have nothing to say”. Counter all these thoughts with positive thoughts like “I have prepared really well this time and I will succeed”, or “I know what they need and I will give a great presentation.”

Step 2

Determine your purpose

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Why are you giving this presentation? What is your purpose? Are you trying to persuade the listeners about something, are you just giving information or selling them something? Clarify your purpose in your own mind before you start planning your presentation.

Step 3

Target Your Audience

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Learn as much as you can about your audience. Who is your audience? What kind of people are they? What are they expecting from you? What are they used to in presentations? Do they sit quietly and listen or do they like interactive presentations with everyone participating? You wouldn’t speak to a group of investors in the same way as to your chums or school kids, would you?

Step 4

Clarify Your Message

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What is your message? Can you say it in a short sentence? Practice with a friend or colleague or in front of a mirror. People can’t remember too long or complicated messages. Remember, if you can’t put your message in a short sentence, neither can the audience. This means that they will not get your message and remember it.

Step 5

Introduce Yourself

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The audience needs to know who you are, can they trust you, and especially whether it is worthwhile listening to you. So, answer these concerns very briefly and confidently right at the beginning.

Step 6

Help The Audience Follow You

Structure your presentation so that it flows coherently. After the friendly introduction, tell them what you want to talk about so they know they are in good hands and in the right place. Speak in fairly short chunks and then pause. Keep your eyes fixed on the audience so everyone feels that you are looking at that person (but do not stare).

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Monitor audience attention. If you notice that they have difficulties following you, change your style or speak more clearly. Ask questions from audience members (ones they can answer easily) so they feel involved. Whatever you do, guide the audience with lead-ins like ”That was the marketing aspect. Now let me tell you a story. After which I will go to the distribution stuff.”

Step 7

Make Sure Your Audience Gets Your Message

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Repeat your message a few times in different contexts at different stages. Say it again in the summary right at the end.

If you can follow all these steps, your success is guaranteed. Don’t forget to celebrate your success.

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Comments (6)

Inspiring article! the photos effect are lively. Thanks.


Very interesting read. I liked the simple method and will try it.

This is truly useful to me who once in a while make presentations to a wide range of audience.

very nice and useful information.............thanks

As someone who prefers to be a listener rather than a speaker, I hope I will never need to use this information. However, if I ever do, I will thank you Rana. By the way, the presentation was great (love the photos too).

How beautifully this expert has elaborated the method for excellent presentations. He has decorated his expressions with clear pictures. Very nice article. I adore it very much.