Factors That Make Up Effective Public Speaking: Personality
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Factors That Make Up Effective Public Speaking: Personality

It is necessary to know what must be the characteristics of a good, interesting, and successful speaker in order that you, a potential public speaker, may be made aware of the ways by which you can bring your personality to bear upon your audience.
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Consider the speaker, who is the sender and source of ideas. It is said that the measure of a speaker will be the measure of his speech. For this reason, it is necessary to know what must be the characteristics of a good, interesting, and successful speaker in order that you, a potential public speaker, may be made aware of the ways by which you can bring your personality to bear upon your audience.


It is impossible to make interesting speakers out of uninteresting people. Only people with interesting personality make good speakers. For this reason, personality is one factor we cannot overlook in the training of a person as a public speaker for his personality determines his speech.

If we are to define personality, we may say that it is the sum total of all our physical, mental and emotional traits. Personality is not a matter of height, color, shape, etc., but a development of all the traits of an individual.

Through speech, we express our individual personality, our total self. As we talk, others see, hear, sense, and feel our personality. What we say bears the imprint of our sympathies, prejudices, passions, fears, and aspirations as it is filtered through our inner selves on the way to expression. Our spontaneous speech reveals our mental states and our emotional attitudes, our upbringing and our level of education. Hence, speech reveals our personality.

For you to become an interesting and attractive personality, consider these factors essential in the cultivation of the necessary characteristics or traits of a successful speaker.


Personal Grooming

The speakers’ appearance has much to do with how well he will be received by his audience. Even in simple conversations, your external appearance affects your listener. For this reason, you must pay careful attention to your personal appearance when you get involved with public speaking. Consider these questions as a guide to good personal grooming:

  • As a speaker, is your dress appropriate to the occasion?
  • Are you neat and comfortable?
  • Do you choose clothes that will establish basic similarities with your audience so that you make them feel at ease and comfortable with you?
  • Are your clothes well-pressed or your shoes well-shined?
  • Are your hands and fingernails clean?
  • Is your hair properly and neatly combed? If a woman, is your hairdo becoming to you and appropriate to the speaking occasion?
  • Are you sloven in appearance? Careless or untidy?
  • Does your taste clearly show in your choice of accessories that will harmonize with your chosen clothes and your personality?
  • Do you take pains to look your best in public appearances?

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Attitudes are important in public speaking for they greatly affect linkage in communication. The variety of attitudes that a speaker assumes during speech delivery oftentimes creates serious problems in effective communication. As a speaker, you start making impressions on your audience as soon as you are seen. For this reason, you must consider these pointers in cultivating an attitude most acceptable to good audience contact:

  • Do you show poise and confidence through good posture while sitting or standing?
  • Do you sit or stand at ease or do you slouch or are you sloppy?
  • What facial expressions do you show? Alert and attentive?
  • Do you make your audience feel the magnetism of your smile?
  • Do you communicate a feeling of pleasantness because you assume a friendly and an amiable attitude towards your audience?
  • Or are you ostentatiously confident? Arrogant? Supercilious? Haughty? Brusque? Aloof? Belligerent? Hostile?
  • Do you appear indifferent? Apathetic? Subservient? Lazy? Subdued? Timid or shy?
  • Do you display a rigid, tense, too formal facial expression as to make your audience uncomfortable and nervous during the process of thought communication?
  • Remember that an audience detests a "stuffed shirt." Therefore, be natural so as to encourage your audience to get as close to you as possible.

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Magnificent presentation.

nice tips to become an effective public speaker.

If only we could all have humorous personalities... best man's speech without it is dire lol!

marivic ramos

nice tips hope that i will be a good speaker 2

kizza dorothy

the message is good but please add us more points

It's important for speakers to realize that the presentation begins upon arrival and ends when you leave. The podium time is the smallest part of your talk.